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Poppy seeds/Blue and White Poppy Seeds/Blue Brown & White Poppy Seed
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  • 13730 ZAR/t.  - from 5 t.
Minimum order cost: 68 650.00 ZAR
We here to offer you the best  quality, handpicked Blue and White Poppy Seeds. Widely used in salads and for dressing continental foods, ground Poppy Seeds are a perfect ingredient for flavored breads, cakes, rolls and cookies as well. In addition to this, Poppy Seeds are used for...
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Cheap tiger nuts for sale
In stock | Only wholesale 
Contains one 12 ounce bag, non - GMO project verified, USDA certified organic Paleo: tiger nuts fueled 80% of our pre - human ancestors' diet about two million years ago Nut - free, gluten - free, allergy - free, raw, vegan, & kosher and made in Brooklyn Resistant starch - a prebiotic fiber...
Group: Seeds
Cheap Vanilla Beans
In stock | Only wholesale 
Product Grade: A Black, plump and pliable Premium Black Vanilla Vanillin: 1,6 - 2,4% Moisture: 28 - 35% Length: 16 - 17cm (approx 6 - 7 inches) Vanillin Content: 1.9 - 2% Color: Dark Brown, almost Black Botanical Name: Vanilla Planifolia (BOURBON) Fragrance: Strong full rich Vanilla...
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